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Billing and insurance FAQs

1. Have you billed my insurances?
Yes. We bill both primary and secondary insurance if we have your billing information. However, the secondary insurance cannot be billed until after the primary insurance (including Medicare) has been billed and has paid. Your first statement following your services with us will be itemized and will show that your insurance has been billed.
2. Can I wait until my insurance pays before I pay my portion?
In most instances, yes. Statements are not generated to the patient/guarantor until NAP has billed and received a response from the insurance carrier (see exception as explained in question 4). As a result, it maybe 30-60 days may pass before a personal statement is generated showing your remaining balance due. If financial assistance is desired, please contact NAP’s business office to discuss payment arrangements.
3. Are your charges included with the hospital charges?
No. We are a separate group. You will be billed separately for our charges.
4. If you billed my insurance and it has not paid, why am I receiving a statement?
There are instances when you insurance carrier(s) may not have all the information they need to process and pay your anesthesia bill. In these situations, NAP will attempt to contact the guarantor if the insurance company notifies NAP that additional information is needed. If we cannot make contact with the guarantor for any reason, NAP will generate a statement as you are ultimately responsible for payment of your anesthesia services.
5. My insurance company sent me a form to fill out asking if my services were accident related. Since services were not the result of an accident, I did not send back the form. Now my insurance has refused to pay. Why?
Even if your services were not due to an accident, if you receive any questionnaire or form to fill out and return to your insurance company, you must do so before your insurance will consider your claim for payment. If you do not respond to insurance company inquiries, your claim will be denied.
6. Can I choose to designate my health insurance to be billed if my injury is work related?
No. If your injury is work related, we are required by law to bill the worker’s compensation carrier. If we receive a final denial from your worker’s compensation carrier we can then bill your health insurance.
7. My insurance company made payment to you indicating certain charges were above their “usual & customary” fees and indicated that I would not be responsible for these charges. Is that correct?
No. Charges that are determined by the insurance company as above “usual & customary” and excluded from payment will be the responsibility of the patient.
8. I do not have insurance coverage. What kind of financial arrangements can I make?
If you are unable able to pay your account in full within 30 days, please contact our Patient Accounts Representative. Should you need to make payment arrangements, you will be asked to fill out and return a personal financial statement. (Exception: Cosmetic surgery requires payment in advance. See question 10 below)
9. Is Northwest Anesthesia Physicians a part of the Bridge Assistance program?
No, that is a separate program sponsored by PeaceHealth.
10. I am having elective cosmetic surgery that is not covered by insurance. What will my payment arrangements be?
Elective cosmetic surgeries require payment in advance of the procedure. Please call our office prior to your procedure and ask to speak to our person that makes the cosmetic surgery prepayment arrangements. You will be given an estimate of your charges along with instructions for prepayment. Failing to prepay for this surgery could result in the cancellation of your surgery.

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Anesthesia Interview: 541-222-3154
Post Operative Issues: 541-222-7522
Billing Office: 541-686-9551

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