Surv vitals

Northwest Anesthesia Physicians is now using Survey Vitals to help improve the quality care we provide to our patients.  Survey Vitals is a private company utilized by NAP to independently administer the Anesthesia Patient Satisfaction Questionnaire (APSQ).  Every patient who has received anesthetic care by a NAP clinician at Sacred Heart Medical Center RiverBend will be contacted by Survey Vitals.  You will receive either a phone call or a text message directing you to a website for the survey.

After your hospital stay, Survey Vitals will ask questions about your entire operative experience regarding anesthesia care and pain control.  You will be asked to rate your anesthesia care on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being the highest score corresponding to the best level of care. You will be asked about:

  • How well your anesthesiologist communicated with you about your medical history and anesthesia care plan
  • Your anesthesia team’s decision making process and preparedness for your surgery
  • How well your anesthesiologist eased any anxiety you may have felt
  • How well your anesthesiologist ensured your comfort during your time in the surgical area
  • How well your anesthesiology care team respected and protected your privacy

You will also be asked to rate your overall anesthesia care on a scale from 1 to 5, with 5 being the best possible anesthesia care.  You will also be asked for any other feedback you may have about your care in the surgical area.  Your feedback is immediately provided to the individual anesthesiologist involved in your care.  We are eager to hear each and every patient’s feedback, as this helps us continually improve the quality care we deliver 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We deeply value hearing how we are performing.  We are invested in making your operating room and recovery experience as pleasant and pain-free as possible.  We strive for excellent care each and every day for every single patient for whom we have the privilege of caring.  After your time at Sacred Heart RiverBend, please take a moment to respond to the Survey Vitals Questionnaire.  We greatly value your feedback, and rest-assured knowing that we provide you with the safest, highest quality, compassionate anesthesia care.